15 Best Ski Runs In The Three Valleys, France


15 Best Ski Runs In The Three Valleys, France

The Three Valleys is the world’s largest interconnected ski area, comprised of 600km of slopes and several world-famous resorts such as Courchevel, Méribel, and Val Thorens. With an incredible variety of pistes to suit all levels of skiers, it can be overwhelming to pick the best ones to try! But, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best ski runs in the Three Valleys, offering a mix of blue, red, and black runs for you to explore. See them below.

The Jerusalem in Saint Martin (Blue)

This long and scenic blue run in Saint Martin de Belleville offers beautiful views and is perfect for intermediate skiers looking for a leisurely cruise through the mountains.

Les Folyères in La Tania (Blue)

Winding its way through the forests, Les Folyères is a picturesque blue run in La Tania. This enjoyable slope is great for beginners and families, and it’s a lovely way to experience the beautiful alpine surroundings.

The Raffort in Méribel (Blue)

Starting from the Altiport area, the Raffort is a gentle and wide blue run that’s perfect for building confidence. It leads you all the way down to Méribel Village, where you can enjoy some après-ski refreshments.

Covili in Menuires (Red)

Covili is a popular red run in Les Menuires that offers a thrilling descent. With its steep sections and fast, swooping turns, this piste is a favourite among intermediate and advanced skiers.

La Col in Val Thorens (Red)

Located in the highest resort in Europe, La Col is a challenging red run in Val Thorens. With its steep gradient and tight turns, this piste is ideal for skiers looking to test their skills.

Les Chapelets in Courchevel Moriond (Red)

This intermediate red run in Courchevel Moriond is known for its rolling terrain and stunning views. Les Chapelets provides a varied and exciting skiing experience as it winds its way through the mountains.

Combe Du Vallon in Méribel Mottaret (Red)

This breathtaking red run in Méribel Mottaret offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. With its wide, open slopes and challenging sections, Combe Du Vallon is a must-try for any avid skier.

The Comb Of Rosaël in Orelle (Black)

For expert skiers looking for a challenge, the Comb of Rosaël in Orelle is a steep and exhilarating black run. With its off-piste feel and intense moguls, this piste provides a thrilling descent.

The M in Courchevel (Black)

The M in Courchevel (Black)

The M is an iconic black run in Courchevel that is steep, narrow, and full of thrills. It offers a true test of skill for advanced skiers, with its challenging turns and high-speed sections.

Tete Ronde In Val Thorens (Blue)

This scenic blue run in Val Thorens takes you through a beautiful landscape with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Tete Ronde is ideal for beginners and intermediates looking for a relaxing ski experience.

Gentianes, Courchevel 1650 (Blue)

Gentianes is a lovely, wide blue run in Courchevel 1650 that’s perfect for beginners and families. With its gentle grade and beautiful scenery, it’s a great way to explore the resort at a leisurely pace.

Creux, Courchevel 1850 (Red)

An exciting red run in Courchevel 1850, Creux offers a thrilling ride with its wide-open design and varied terrain. The piste is suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers, providing both a challenge and a chance to enjoy the stunning views.

Lapin, Méribel Village (Blue)

Lapin is a gentle and enjoyable blue run in Méribel Village that’s perfect for beginners and families. This scenic piste winds through the forest, offering a serene skiing experience surrounded by nature.

Bouquetin, Pointe de la Masse (Blue)

Located in the Pointe de la Masse area, Bouquetin is a beautiful blue run that offers a mix of gentle slopes and slightly steeper sections. With its incredible views of the surrounding peaks, this piste is a favorite among intermediate skiers.

Pluviometre, Val Thorens (Blue)

This wide and gentle blue run in Val Thorens is perfect for beginners and intermediates looking to build their confidence on the slopes. Pluviometre offers a relaxing ski experience with plenty of space to practice your turns.

All in all, the Three Valleys ski area offers an incredible variety of runs to suit all levels of skiers. With our selection of the 15 best ski runs in the Three Valleys, you’ll be able to explore the stunning scenery, tackle thrilling descents, and create unforgettable memories on the slopes. Happy skiing!

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